Voice Search

Google Assistant’s Recent Ad Testing is Fake News

It’s been recently reported that Google is testing ads in the Assistant results page by Gennaro Cuafano and Search Engine Land, to name a few. We’ve talked in depth about…

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Amazon’s patent for “Voice Sniffing” is causing a stink

Amazon have filed a patent for “voice sniffing”; a feature of their assistants that will essentially listen to you when you are speaking near a smart home device, sniff for…

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Google introduces Shopping Actions with a pay-per-sale model

Earlier this year we predicted that 2018 could see the introduction of a Pay-Per-Action model when it comes to advertising with Voice Search through Voice Shopping. Google have now introduced…

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Voicing an Opinion: The Future of Paid Voice Search

2018 will be the year for Voice Search. Move over Smartphones, the big battle will now be on digital assistants and voice-activated smart speakers such as Google Home or Amazon…

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Future of Search: Buy on Google with Voice Search

Google’s next frontier is conversational shopping (Voice Search), which would allow you to buy products without the click of a button. I knew it! The recent GTIN requirement changes that…

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