Future of Search

Don’t fear Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Embrace it!

You’ll have all heard about how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has been affecting the industry over recent years. They aren’t just buzzwords, fads or trends. AI and Machine Learning…

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Google I/O 2019 | What’s the future of Search Marketing?

Google I/O 2019 kicked off this week with the keynote speech by Sundar Pichai. It started by reminding the audience about Google’s mission statement; to organize the world’s information and…

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The Future Is Here – How Much Do You Fear Automation?

Mabo Media are a specialist PPC Management Agency based in North East England. They have recently been named as the BEST Small PPC Agency in Europe at the 2018 European…

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What can Google I/O 2018 tell us about the future for Search?

Google’s annual developer conference (Google I/O 2018) has been and gone for another year. There were super exciting showcases from Google’s Assistant as well as cool ad updates for app…

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Will the Keyword become extinct in Paid Search?

Keywords are a fundamental part of what we currently do in search engine marketing. However, there is no denying that over the past few years we’ve seen product updates and…

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