Google SERP

Google Tests Increasing Size & Changing Font Of Search Results

Over the past few months Google has been testing increasing the size of Headlines for absolute top ads slots in Search. We also saw versions of the test where all…

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Google rolls out black Ad labels & organic favicons to Desktop

We reported in-depth back in May 2019 that Google had updated the Mobile search results page with black ‘Ad’ labels for Ads and the introduced Favicons for organic. Now, Google…

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Subscribe with Google | An effort to keep publishers on side?

Subscribe with Google has launched as a new initiative designed to help publishers drive conversions and engage existing subscribers across Google and the wider web. According to Google, the solution will…

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Google Roll Out Curved Mobile Search Results

After years of testing Google have finally confirmed a new curved Mobile search results layout. Many searchers have reported the new design (including us at PPC hubbub), and it’s received…

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Google Rolls Out New Desktop Search Interface

Google have now rolled out a new look Search Interface (Search Engine Results Page, aka SERP) on Desktop which resembles their Mobile Search Interface. Why are they doing this? What…

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Google Green Ad Label

It’s Official! The hubbub from Google & blogs tells us that the Google Ad label will now become Green, rather than the Yellow Ad label we have grown accustomed to.…

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Google SERP Colour Testing

As Ron Burgundy once said; “That escalated quickly” and boy didn’t Google’s latest testing escalate quickly! It seems that Google have been testing every colour of the rainbow this week…

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