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The countdown has begun for Google Marketing Live 2019 and they have promised +10 new digital marketing products will be announced.

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Last year the focus of the updates were around how it can help advertisers drive Valuable, Transparent and Trustworthy advertising. This was predominantly focused around Ad Innovations, Machine Learning and Platforms.

In 2018, Google also treated us to updates in Search I/O that we believe would give us an indication of what we could look to expect in years to come. Perhaps we might see echoes of some of the cool innovations they shared here in this year’s Marketing Live.

In anticipation of the event, like every year, we’ll be predicting what we might expect to hear and what this means for you. Afterwards, we’ll also ensure that we give you the highlights as well as actionable insight.

Make sure you sign up here beforehand to get your hands on exclusive content during the event.

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