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Google Ads has introduced Recommended Columns as it continues it’s focus to become helpful to advertisers by surfacing the most relevant data and insights. Google Ads will now recommend columns to add in the interface that it thinks you should be using based on your campaign and account settings.

What are Recommended Columns in Google Ads?

Essentially Recommended Columns suggest new reporting columns that you should be using when you go to modify your columns at campaign, ad, ad group or keyword level. The example that Google gives is if you have recently started using bidding automation, it may recommend ‘Bid Strategy Type’ as a column to use. From this, Google Ads will be surfacing more relevant columns in an effort to shift you to follow it’s best practice.

What does this mean for you?

  • You can add the recommendations as permanent columns
  • Ignore then and Google Ads will continue to suggest the columns
  • Tell Google not to recommend them anymore if you feel as though they aren’t relevant.

Along with this update, Google also mentioned that:

  • Recommended Columns are turned on by default for all advertisers
  • You can turn them off for individual columns, or all columns
  • These columns are specific to the user in each account
  • Bid Strategy is no longer a required column

Ultimately it’s a small tweek to the interface that should help surface more relevant actionable insight for you. It’s a helpful update that should help you to be smarter, and drive better results. This continues on from when Google Ads rebranded from Google AdWords in an effort to create a platform for advertisers that was more helpful, insightful and actionable. This certainly is yet another step in the right direction.

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