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Google Ads has now made it easier for you to access pre-defined reports from your current view, allowing you to drill deeper down into your campaigns and ad groups. When you select a report from above the statistics table, you will be taken to the usual Reports tab where your current scope of data will be inherited rather than just account level. 

How have Predefined Reports been updated?

Previously, the only way to access the same report would be to navigating through the ‘Reporting’ icon on the top right hand side of Google Ads. From here, you would then have to start at account level, and then drill down to the relevant level you required.

Now, you’ll notice that whilst looking at either Campaign or Ad Group level data in the Google Ads interface, you can use a new icon which sits just above the numbers you have within your view.

Credit: Google Ads Help, 2019

When you select a report from this view, you will then be taken to the usual Reports tab where your current scope of data will be inherited. The difference between this icon, and the one at the top right, is that this will filter down into the current campaign or ad group you are in. The icon at the top right will continue to display the account level data for you.

What does this mean for you?

Google Ads continues to be “assistive”

The biggest aim for Google with launching the new Google Ads interface was to make it as assistive as possible for advertisers. In doing so, they could make the platform simple, insightful and actionable. This is a small change, but i’m sure analysts will be thanking Google for the time saved.

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