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To help you manage multiple accounts more efficiently, Google Ads has introduced Account Map. This new feature is a tool that helps you to quickly navigate & visualise your account structure, as well as the performance for each of those accounts.

What does this mean for you?

Google Ads continues to be more helpful for advertisers

The new Google Ads interface was completely redesigned with the aim of making it as helpful and assistive for advertisers as possible. This is yet another step towards that mission. It might sound like a small change, but for advertisers and agencies managing multiple accounts and sub-accounts; this change saves you time. Now you can view your Manager account and Sub-Manager accounts all in once place, instead of having to click through multiple accounts and views.

Google Ads Account Map

Credit: Google Ads, 2019

You can also now easily see how your accounts are structured as well as some performance metrics such as Cost and Clicks by account.

What’s also cool is that this new feature will also highlight and visualise common attributes between your sub-accounts. This can include things like remarketing lists, conversion actions and more.

Google Ads Account Map

Credit: Google Ads, 2019

What do you need to do?

Give it a try!

It should now be available in all manager accounts. All you need to do is navigate to ‘Tools & Settings’ in the top right hand side of Google Ads or to the Accounts page.

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