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Today, Google Ads has announced 2 new audience segments that will be available for advertisers to utilise; Affinity Audiences and Seasonal Event Segments for In-Market Audiences. With users wanting an evermore personalised experience across Search, additional audiences for advertisers to target is very much welcomed to help better target and personalise ads for users.

What are Affinity Audiences for Search?

Affinity audiences are defined as people who have demonstrated a qualified passion in a topic by having built up a picture of their lifestyles, passions and habits. The example that Google Ads uses is if you have campaigns selling camping gear, then you could use the Affinity Audience ‘Outdoor Enthusiast’ as a way to better target your campaigns and deliver better performance.

Affinity audiences are best used predominantly in upper-funnel campaigns.

What are Seasonal Event Segments for In-Market Audiences?

Seasonal Event Segments are a part of the In-Market Audience type and will include events such as Black Friday and Christmas segments to help advertisers focus on people who are actively looking for such products. You’ll find these in the coming weeks under In-Market Audiences.

In-Market Audiences are best used lower down the funnel as they contain people who are close to the point of purchase.

Google Ads Seasonal Event Audiences

Credit: Google Ads Help, 2019

What does this mean for you?

The more you know, the better the performance

The more you know about a person the more targeted you can be in terms of Ad Copy, Bid and Landing Page. In theory, the more you know about a person the better the performance. You should see your performance improve as you move from ‘People not in audience’ to ‘Remarketing’, so these audiences will help you to know more about users.

These audiences will be competitive

These audiences will be invaluable during this busy Q4 period, but I’d imagine that they will also be highly competitive and therefore potentially expensive. These are essentially the ‘hottest’ leads during this time of year. But this shouldn’t stop you from applying them though; test and then optimise accordingly.

Developing an Audience Strategy today will prepare your account for tomorrow

Eligible to use Audiences and don’t have an Audience Strategy yet? You must be crazy! Get ready for the future of search and gather your learnings now…before it’s too late!

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