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Award Winning

We were ‘Highly Commended’ at the UK Blog Awards 2018 for the PR, Marketing and Communications category for business.

We are growing

Each month our traffic grows by over +20% unique visitors. We are growing quickly and have big plans to invest even more into our site.

We are Global

Our site is actively read in over +116 countries across the world. Our readership is global, and your message could be amplified globally too.

Advertising Solutions

Sponsored Posts

PPC hubbub has created a Native Advertising Content Marketing Program for marketers investing in content creation, but need help amplifying their content to the right audience.

We define a sponsored post as any content that promotes a specific product or service, which you were encouraged to post by the company or individual who makes/sells/provides it.

Here’s how it works:

  • You provide us with content you want amplified to our audience, along with supporting images, company logo and description.
  • We review the content and add appropriate disclosure. Then we set a publication date. Hey presto!

Your article appears on PPC hubbub in the same way that editorial pieces appear. Your content is published to full-text blog pages, along with abstracts on several other pages including the home page and category pages. Here’s an example of what the post looks like.

But wait, the amplification doesn’t stop there! Just like we do with other articles, we publish abstracts in the newsletter and the posts get pushed out on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn!

Sponsored content or adverts will always be marked accordingly. We will only agree to post sponsored content if we feel that it is appropriate for our audience and something that we would normally post about anyway.

Please read our privacy policy and terms & conditions before submitting a blog.

Here’s a little info on our audience…

In over 116 Countries
Amplify your message across the globe
They are in-market for...
Advertising & Marketing Services
SEO & SEM Services
Business & Productivity Services
Finance & Investment Services

We are growing…fast. Be a part of it!

+ 20%
Average increase in users each month
+ 32%
Increase in avg. session duration each month. Users are more engaged than ever with our content
+ 25000 visitors
...and growing. Our audience continues to get bigger

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