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  1. Google Ads Accelerated Delivery

    Google Ads removing Accelerated Delivery from Search & Shopping

    Google has announced that it will be removing Accelerated Delivery from Search & Shopping campaigns, in favour of an improved Standard Delivery method. Starting 17th…

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  2. Google Ads Average Position Sunset

    Google Ads Average Position removal begins week of 30th September 2019

    Earlier this year, Google announced that they would be sunsetting the Average Position metric sometime in 2019 . These are being replaced by new position metrics.…

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  3. Google Text Ads Truncated

    Google Text Ads being truncated | We explore the hubbub

    There is a lot of hubbub flying around Twitter and blogs such as Search Engine Land this week with regards to seeing Google Text Ads…

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  4. Google Ads Optimisation Score Shopping Campaigns

    Google Ads Optimisation Score now includes Shopping Campaigns

    In 2018 we saw Google Ads introduce the Optimisation Score in the Recommendations tab. This score is meant to be used by advertisers as a…

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  5. Google Ads Account Map

    Google Ads introduces Account Map to help manage multiple accounts

    To help you manage multiple accounts more efficiently, Google Ads has introduced Account Map. This new feature is a tool that helps you to quickly…

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  6. Google Gallery Ads

    Gallery Ads beta in Google Ads now available in 11 languages

    At Google Marketing Live 2019, Google announced that they would be testing a new ad format called Gallery Ads. Gallery Ads in Google Ads combine…

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  7. Google extends same meaning close variants in phrase and broad

    Google Ads extends same meaning close variants to BMM & Phrase

    Yup, they have finally done it. Google have today announced that they will be expanding same meaning close variants to Broad Match Modifier (BMM) and…

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  8. Google Ads Editor v1.1

    Google Ads Editor v1.1 brings new updates including Dark Mode

    Today Google Ads announced that they have introduced a design and usability update for Google Ads Editor that should make it easier for advertisers to…

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  9. Google Ads Keyword Planner

    Google Ads Keyword Planner now shows the most relevant keyword ideas

    Today Google Ads announced a few new updates to the Keyword Planner; website filtering, brand exclusions, and the suggested keyword ideas will now be the…

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  10. Microsoft Advertising - Average Position

    Microsoft Advertising keeps Average Position and introduces new metrics

    As we all know, Google Ads announced in February that it will soon be sunsetting Average Position metrics in favour of position-based impression share metrics.…

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  11. Automation

    Don’t fear Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Embrace it!

    You’ll have all heard about how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has been affecting the industry over recent years. They aren’t just buzzwords, fads or…

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  12. Advanced Location Options Updated

    Advanced Location Options in Google Ads Updated

    Google Ads has quietly released an update to its advanced location targeting options moving from targeting ‘People in your targeted locations’ to ‘People in, or…

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  13. PPC hubbub - Black Ad Labels on Mobile

    Google launches new mobile design | Black ‘Ad’ labels & Favicon

    After years of testing, Google looks to have settled on its latest colour scheme and layout for Mobile Search Results. From today, Google will be…

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  14. Google Shopping

    Google is expanding Shopping Ads to additional platforms

    As you will have seen from Google Marketing Live 2019 this week, Google released a lot of new updates for Google Shopping campaigns. These included…

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  15. Google Marketing Live 2019

    Google Marketing Live 2019 | Keynote Deep Dive

    So there we have it, Google Marketing Live 2019 has been and gone. Last year’s Google Marketing Live was focused on Ad Innovations, Platforms and…

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  16. Google I/O 2019

    Google I/O 2019 | What’s the future of Search Marketing?

    Google I/O 2019 kicked off this week with the keynote speech by Sundar Pichai. It started by reminding the audience about Google’s mission statement; to…

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  17. Google Marketing Live 2019

    What can we expect to see at Google Marketing Live 2019?

    Last year’s Google Marketing Live was focused on Ad Innovations, Platforms and AI. This year, we can probably expect to see something similar, with a…

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  18. Google Ads Third-Party Sitelinks

    Expansion of allowed third-party sitelinks in Google Ads

    Sitelinks are extensions that display additional links with your ad when surfaced on Google. Today, Google Ads has expanded allowed third-party URL’s that can be…

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  19. Responsive Search Ads

    7 Reasons To Be Testing Responsive Search Ads in 2019

    Responsive search ads (RSA’s) launched in 2018 as a new ad format for advertisers to automatically test thousands of different headline and description combinations. The…

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  20. Google Ad Position Metrics

    What makes us unhappy about Google Ads position metrics

    It’s been one month since Google announced that they would be getting rid of Ad Position in Google Ads. By now you are probably well…

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