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  1. Google Marketing Live 2018 | The Highlights

    Key theme of the event this year was on making sure Google does all it can to help advertisers drive Valuable, Transparent, and Trustworthy advertising.…

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  2. PPC hubbub - Google Marketing Live 2018

    Google Marketing Live 2018 | What can we expect to see?

    Can you believe it, it’s that time of the year again! Google will be sharing the latest Ads, Analytics and Platforms innovations at Google Marketing Live…

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  3. PPC hubbub - Google AdWords & DoubleClick Rebrand

    Google is rebranding AdWords & DoubleClick to simplify offering

    In an effort to streamline it’s products, Google is rebranding and reorganising its Google AdWords and DoubleClick products. Google’s flagship advertising products have come a…

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  4. PPC hubbub - Google Shopping Feed Specifications 2018

    2018 Google Shopping Feed Specification Updates

    Each year Google makes changes to their Google Shopping feed specification, often in ways that most advertisers struggle to adhere to effectively. To make it…

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  5. PPC hubbub - Google AdWords Interface

    Goodbye old AdWords Interface | Google starts sending notices

    And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain. Google has started sending notices to selected advertisers that the old AdWords…

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  6. Focus on the User Campaign | A Paid Search Perspective

    As recently reported by Search Engine Journal, there is an ad campaign currently running to target Google employees with the aim to convince them to…

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  7. Bing Ads Pilot

    New Bing Pilot | Ads by Bing

    EmailBing Ads has launched a pilot program designed to improve campaign performance by automatically creating variations of your existing ads. Sounds great, right? Let’s take…

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  8. PPC Forecasting | How to forecast in Paid Search

    As pay-per-click (PPC) professionals, we’re often asked by clients to forecast deliverables for sign off on budgets. PPC forecasting is an uncomfortable task, I don’t…

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  9. What can Google I/O 2018 tell us about the future for Search?

    Google’s annual developer conference (Google I/O 2018) has been and gone for another year. There were super exciting showcases from Google’s Assistant as well as…

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  10. Bing adds new features to Automated Imports

    Last year, Bing Ads announced automated imports where you can schedule your syncs from Google AdWords into Bing Ads. This means that you can spend…

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  11. Responsive Search Ads | The Death of Manual A/B Testing?

    Responsive Search Ads is a new beta in Google AdWords that offers a larger real estate and dynamically combines advertiser’s headlines and description lines. Essentially,…

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  12. New AdWords Interface | Old interface will be switched off by year-end

    So the time has finally arrived, by the end of 2018 the old AdWords interface will be phased out and will be permanently replaced by…

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  13. New Adwords Editor V12.3 | Features To Do More In Less Time

    The latest version of Adwords Editor is now available for download, titled V12.3. It has some pretty cool new features to help make life easier…

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  14. Will the Keyword become extinct in Paid Search?

    Keywords are a fundamental part of what we currently do in search engine marketing. However, there is no denying that over the past few years…

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  15. Amazon’s patent for “Voice Sniffing” is causing a stink

    Amazon have filed a patent for “voice sniffing”; a feature of their assistants that will essentially listen to you when you are speaking near a…

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  16. Shared Budgets in AdWords – Why they make me angry

    In AdWords, you have the option to either assign a daily budget to a campaign, or apply a Shared Budget to allocate budget across multiple…

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  17. Dynamic Search Ads Sensitive Ad Categories

    Dynamic Search Ads can now be used across sensitive verticals

    Did you know that Dynamic Search Ads can now be used across Sensitive Ad Categories? Yeah, it was a quiet update to the policies around…

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  18. PPC hubbub - Google Shopping Carousel

    Google Shopping is testing two Shopping Ad Carousels on Mobile

    Google look to be testing a new double Google Shopping carousel format on Mobile search results. They are basically two individual carousels that are stacked…

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  19. Ad Suggestions - PPC hubbub

    Google Adwords Ad Suggestions | Taking control away from advertisers?

    Starting from the 29th April 2018, you may start to see Ad Suggestions being surfaced in the Recommendations tab in the new Google Adwords interface…

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  20. PPC hubbub - Bing Ads Price Extensions

    Bing Ads Price Extensions Launched

    Bing Ads has launched Price Extensions. Price Extensions are an ad extension that display your product or services along with their corresponding prices to users…

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