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  1. Google Expands Exact Match Again

    Google Expands Exact Match Again | Its More About Signals & Intent

    Exact Match in Google will now include close match variations that share the same meaning to the keyword you are targeting. An example could be…

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  2. PPC hubbub - Adzooma

    Adzooma partners with Google to help small to medium businesses grow online

    Online advertising platform Adzooma have today announced that they have partnered with Google just two months after being backed by British billionaire businessman Fred Done.…

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  3. Google Ads Ad Strength Indicator

    Responsive Search Ads Ad Strength Indicator & Reporting Improvements

    Since Responsive Search Ads were introduced earlier in 2018, the biggest frustration from advertisers was the lack of reporting that is available. With the ad…

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  4. Facebook Story Ads

    What do Facebook Story Ads mean for Brands?

    Since Facebook opened Stories to users first and brands later, the response has been less than enthusiastic. Brands were quick to join the new feature…

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  5. Google Text Ads Get Bigger

    Google Text Ads Get Bigger | Character Limits & Description Lines Expand

    At Google Marketing Live this year, Google showcased how Responsive Search Ads are helping advertisers by saving them time and delivering users the best ad…

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  6. PPC hubbub - adzooma

    Are You Missing Out On Hidden Extra Profits From Your Google Ads Campaigns?

    As you know, Google Ads is a very advanced traffic tool. So advanced in fact, that the majority of users never embrace its full potential. Although…

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  7. Google Ads Optimisation Score

    Google Ads Optimisation Score | Guide your account optimisations

    Google has now launched an Optimisation Score in Google Ads in order for advertisers to understand account optimisation potential. The score runs from 0% to…

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  8. PPC hubbub - Sequential Ads

    Sequential Ad Ideas For Your Online Store

    Consumers today are becoming increasingly harder to market to. As audiences’ online habits change and they become more ad-savvy, marketers must find new and innovative…

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  9. PPC hubbub - Pinterest

    Where to begin with Promoted Pins? 10 Lessons to turn you into a Pinterest Pro

    Promoted Pins are an advertising format via Pinterest that allows advertisers to pay to appear where your potential customers are more likely to notice your…

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  10. The Future Is Here – How Much Do You Fear Automation?

    Mabo Media are a specialist PPC Management Agency based in North East England. They have recently been named as the BEST Small PPC Agency in…

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  11. Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads | How to use the export function to find targeting info

    “Hey John can you send me a spreadsheet with all the facebook ads we’ve performed this year and the targeting for each of them?” “Sure…

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  12. Google Marketing Live 2018 | The Highlights

    Key theme of the event this year was on making sure Google does all it can to help advertisers drive Valuable, Transparent, and Trustworthy advertising.…

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  13. PPC hubbub - Google Marketing Live 2018

    Google Marketing Live 2018 | What can we expect to see?

    Can you believe it, it’s that time of the year again! Google will be sharing the latest Ads, Analytics and Platforms innovations at Google Marketing Live…

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  14. PPC hubbub - Google AdWords & DoubleClick Rebrand

    Google is rebranding AdWords & DoubleClick to simplify offering

    In an effort to streamline it’s products, Google is rebranding and reorganising its Google AdWords and DoubleClick products. Google’s flagship advertising products have come a…

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  15. PPC hubbub - Google Shopping Feed Specifications 2018

    2018 Google Shopping Feed Specification Updates

    Each year Google makes changes to their Google Shopping feed specification, often in ways that most advertisers struggle to adhere to effectively. To make it…

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  16. PPC hubbub - Google AdWords Interface

    Goodbye old AdWords Interface | Google starts sending notices

    And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain. Google has started sending notices to selected advertisers that the old AdWords…

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  17. Focus on the User Campaign | A Paid Search Perspective

    As recently reported by Search Engine Journal, there is an ad campaign currently running to target Google employees with the aim to convince them to…

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  18. Bing Ads Pilot

    New Bing Pilot | Ads by Bing

    EmailBing Ads has launched a pilot program designed to improve campaign performance by automatically creating variations of your existing ads. Sounds great, right? Let’s take…

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  19. PPC Forecasting | How to forecast in Paid Search

    As pay-per-click (PPC) professionals, we’re often asked by clients to forecast deliverables for sign off on budgets. PPC forecasting is an uncomfortable task, I don’t…

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  20. What can Google I/O 2018 tell us about the future for Search?

    Google’s annual developer conference (Google I/O 2018) has been and gone for another year. There were super exciting showcases from Google’s Assistant as well as…

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