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  1. Responsive Search Ads Google Ads

    Will Responsive Search Ads be sunset in Google Ads?

    This is the question that the PPC community have been asking for a long time, but it’s accelerated over the past few months. The latest…

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  2. Google Ads Headline Size Test

    Google Tests Increasing Size & Changing Font Of Search Results

    Over the past few months Google has been testing increasing the size of Headlines for absolute top ads slots in Search. We also saw versions…

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  3. PPC hubbub - Managing campaigns through a pandemic

    How To Make Brand Awareness & PPC Work Together During A Pandemic

    Brand awareness is crucial all-year-round, but particularly when the country has gone into lockdown. It’s like a saving grace that will keep you afloat. But,…

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  4. PPC hubbub - 5 Google Keyword Planner Tips

    5 Ways To Use Google’s Keyword Planner in Search

    In today’s connected world, there are few things more important than having the right impact online. To attract as many potential customers and leads as…

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  5. Google Ads Image Extensions

    Google’s Gallery Ads beta being sunset in favour of Image Extensions

    At Google Marketing Live 2019, Google launched the Gallery Ads beta as a way to provide a compelling visual alongside text ads. After testing for over…

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  6. Google Ads advertiser identity verification

    Google Ads will require advertiser identity verification

    Starting in the US, Google will now require advertisers to verify their identities for ads served through Google Ads. Through this new policy, users will…

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  7. The Ash Taba Show | Dan Roberts speaks about culture, automation, search and more

    Founder & Author Dan Roberts speaks to Ashley Tabatabai about everything from what makes a good culture, his journey in PPC so far and where he…

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  8. Google free products listings

    Google brings free product listings to Shopping. Is Froogle back?

    Today, Google has announced that it’s bringing free product listings into the Shopping tab. Google have said that this should help retailers during these difficult…

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  9. PPC hubbub COVID-19

    We’re back! Sorry we haven’t posted in a while…

    We hope that all of our readers are safe & sound and we thank you for keeping in touch and for your continued visits. What a…

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  10. Google Ads Responsive Search Ads

    Responsive Search Ads available to all advertisers in Google Ads

    Google Ads has announced that ‘Responsive Search Ads‘ are now available to all advertisers in all languages. Google also noted that the ad format would…

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  11. Google Ads continuous audience sharing for manager accounts

    Google launches Continuous Audience Sharing for manager accounts

    Google Ads has launched a feature called ‘continuous audience sharing’ for manager accounts. This means that it is much faster for advertisers to share audiences…

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  12. Google Shopping Ads - Gmail, YouTube, Discover Feed

    Google Shopping Ads now available on Gmail

    Since Google Marketing Live 2019, we have seen Google continue to invest in Google Shopping. This year, we’ve seen visual ad formats such as Discovery…

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  13. Microsoft Average Position Removal

    Microsoft Advertising removing Average Position

    So, we were right; it wasn’t going to last. In July 2019, Microsoft announced that they would be keeping Average Position metrics whilst introducing new…

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  14. Black Ad Label

    Google rolls out black Ad labels & organic favicons to Desktop

    We reported in-depth back in May 2019 that Google had updated the Mobile search results page with black ‘Ad’ labels for Ads and the introduced…

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  15. Custom Dimensions Google Ads

    Google Ads Custom Dimensions in beta

    Google Ads has released a new beta called Custom Dimensions. These Custom Dimensions will allow you to add extra information to your campaigns which will…

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  16. PPC hubbub - Year in Search 2019

    The Year in Search 2019: A comprehensive guide

    Every year we look back at the year that ‘was’ in Search and try to understand the year it ‘could’ be for the next. Through…

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  17. Year in Search 2019 by Google

    Google’s ‘Year in Search 2019’ is out, and as always, you feel so pumped after watching it! It’s a chance for us to look back…

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  18. Google Ads Smart Bidding

    Google Ads is bringing deeper insights to Smart Bidding

    Google Ads will now be giving advertisers deeper insight into which signals it is using to help drive better performance through it’s smart bidding solutions.…

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  19. Paid Search Audiences

    Your Paid Search Audience Strategy is broken. Here’s how to fix it

    Google & Microsoft have been investing heavily into new audience types for us to use in Paid Search. This year alone we have seen Google…

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  20. Microsoft Advertising interface

    Microsoft Advertising has a new interface

    Microsoft Advertising has launched a preview of a new interface design which is aimed at helping advertisers achieve more with it’s products. Over the years…

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