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About Us

We at PPC hubbub recognise that the world of marketing is a noisy place.

Keeping on top of the latest news in the ever evolving world of Paid Search seem impossible. This is especially true when there are so many websites, organisations and agencies regurgitating the same old content & press release; without giving the reader any food for thought or original points of view.

Digital marketing is complicated enough, why make it harder for ourselves?

We became frustrated by this hubbub. So we created a space for Paid Search professionals, by Paid Search professionals. It’s a community, designed for people to work with each other, share knowledge and best practice.

All blogs are written by Paid Search professionals, for Paid Search professionals.

PPC hubbub will link you to the latest news & update, summarise what this really means for you, and give you insight into what you can to do next to ensure you stay at the top of your game!

What’s the hubbub?

There are so many marketing news websites that report on everything from the latest Google SERP overhaul to the newest Ad format test. Most of which regurgitate the same useless information, bleurgh!

Most don’t actually provide actionable insight for readers to take away and implement in their Paid Search campaigns.



a situation in which there is much noise, confusion, excitement, and activity

Why We Exist

What’s often missing are the answers to this fundamental question…

What does this really mean for me/my business/my client?

Few sites provide the reader with points of view and tips that can have a real impact on your Paid Search performance. We were frustrated by the lack of quality blogging in this area.

So we launched PPC hubbub

PPC hubbub


fighting through the latest hubbub of Paid Search and SEM news to give you the information you need, simplified.

Our Aim

To give you the latest news and updates, put simply, with meaningful points of view and actions that will actually help your Paid Search strategies.

We promise to help provide you with original content and actionable insight to get you through the hubbub from the world of marketing news, with our “No Bull” policy.

Our Focus
Actionable Insight
Latest News & Updates
No Bull
Create a Global Community
Valuable Knowledge Sharing
Platform for PPC & SEM Professionals

By fighting through the hubbub of news & updates in this way, we work to make knowledge sharing more valuable; making the industry & the service we provide better for everyone.