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  1. PPC hubbub - Google Shopping

    The ‘Low Bids Quick Win’ & It’s Drawbacks For Your Shopping Campaigns

    If you’re a bit of a Google Shopping lover, you will be no stranger to the ‘All Products, Low Bids’ campaign and the fact it…

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  2. PPC hubbub - Amazon Marketing Services

    Amazon Marketing Services – Ideas to Improve Campaign Manager

    Let’s face it, the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Campaign Manager is as bad as Donald Trump’s wig; it’s barely holding together. Improvements have been made…

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  3. PPC hubbub - Mute Reminder Ads

    Google allows you to ‘Mute Reminder Ads’. Let’s mute lazy advertising

    Google has given users the ability to mute reminder ads (also known as remarketing ads) in the Ad Settings area of ‘My Account‘. Google continues to give…

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  4. PPC hubbub - adaptive remarketing

    DoubleClick Search enables adaptive remarketing

    Adaptive remarketing from DoubleClick Search will allow you to automatically find opportunities to reconnect with your customer base. It does this by applying or removing your ‘remarketing…

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  5. PPC hubbub - Similar Looks on Google Shopping

    Similar Looks from Google Shopping appear when you click back

    Google Shopping now displays Similar Looks to users in the Google search results pages. It displays similar items to the item you recently viewed. You…

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  6. PPC hubbub - Paid Voice Search

    Voicing an Opinion: The Future of Paid Voice Search

    2018 will be the year for Voice Search. Move over Smartphones, the big battle will now be on digital assistants and voice-activated smart speakers such…

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  7. PPC hubbub - Product IDs

    Are Product ID’s Important?

    The easy way to answer this rather simple but important question is yes, a very, very big yes! Product ID’s are vitally important and not…

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  8. PPC hubbub - Google Adwords 2018

    What Does 2018 Hold for AdWords Professionals?

    Do you remember those peaceful years when the AdWords interface rarely changed or how about a little further back when Google didn’t just work with…

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  9. PPC hubbub - Best of 2017

    Best of 2017: PPC hubbub Top Posts

    With just a few days left of 2017, we thought we’d share with you the Top 5 posts this year through PPC hubbub. We’ve grown…

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  10. PPC hubbub - Dynamic Search Ads

    Dynamic Search Ads now an Ad Group Type, not Campaign Type

    Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) gives advertisers an opportunity to find incremental traffic to their website. It’s the easiest way to find customers searching on Google…

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  11. PPC hubbub - Customer Match

    Google launches new options for Customer Match targeting

    Customer Match was launched in 2015, up until now advertisers could only upload email addresses into Google AdWords to target or exclude. With this latest…

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  12. PPC hubbub - The Year of the Machines & More

    Year in Paid Search 2017. What’s on the horizon for 2018?

    What a year this has been for Paid Search. 2017 has seen everything from changes made to Exact Match, to Google being fined by the…

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  13. Bing Launches New Intelligent Search Features, powered by AI

    Bing have recently launched new intelligent search features that are powered by artificial intelligence. The aim is to give you the answers you need faster…

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  14. Google – Year in Search Trends 2017

    Credit: Google Year in Search, 2017 In a year that has given us so much uncertainty, we’ve asked Google ‘How?’ more than ever before; and…

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  15. The Rise of Bing

    The Rise of Bing

    Bing’s share of search is growing globally and the platform is offering higher conversion rates and cheaper CPC’s when compared to Google. It’s becoming more…

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  16. PPC hubbub - Purchase on Google Shopping Test

    ‘Purchase on Google Shopping’ test expands to compete with Amazon

    ‘Purchase on Google Shopping’ allows users to purchase advertiser’s products directly on Google via a ‘Buy Now’ button, without having to visit their website. The…

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  17. PPC hubbub - Visual Sitelinks

    Google Testing Images in Text Ads on Mobile From Visual Sitelinks

    Visual Sitelinks have been available for select advertisers in Beta for over a year now and recently Google looks to using these images and displaying…

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  18. PPC hubbub - Google Curved Mobile Search Results

    Google Roll Out Curved Mobile Search Results

    After years of testing Google have finally confirmed a new curved Mobile search results layout. Many searchers have reported the new design (including us at…

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  19. PPC hubbub - Bing Ads Maximise Clicks Bid Strategy

    Bing Ads Maximise Clicks Bid Strategy

    Bing Ads has had ‘Enhanced CPCs’ since around August 2016, but has now added the ‘Maximise Clicks Bid Strategy’ to it’s automated bid strategy arsenal…

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  20. PPC hubbub - Sam Lalonde - Google Daily Budget

    Breaking Down AdWords 200% Overspend Policy & A Free Script Giveaway

    Google AdWords has notified advertisers that a change had already happened to the way budgets get handled on a daily basis. The overall response from…

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