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  1. PPC hubbub - Sam Lalonde - Google Daily Budget

    Breaking Down AdWords 200% Overspend Policy & A Free Script Giveaway

    Google AdWords has notified advertisers that a change had already happened to the way budgets get handled on a daily basis. The overall response from…

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  2. Growth Hacking Podcast – Dan Roberts is Interviewed

    Dan Roberts, Author and Founder of PPC hubbub, was interviewed by Abdul Hafez of Growth Hacking ( about his time in the industry and why…

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  3. PPC hubbub - Store Visit Conversions

    Segment Your Shop Visit Conversions For Deeper Insight in Adwords

    Shop Visit Conversions allows certain advertisers in Google Adwords to use conversion tracking to help you see how your ad clicks influence visits to your…

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  4. PPC hubbub - Ad Rotations Settings

    Adwords Ad Rotation Settings Updated to Optimise or Don’t

    Google has simplified their Adwords Ad Rotation Settings. Adwords will now only support two ad rotation settings; Optimise (using Machine Learning to deliver the ads…

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  5. PPC hubbub - Google Testing New Sitelink Formats

    New Ad Formats on Google – Summary

    Google have recently been testing lots of new Ad formats across all devices, so we thought we would kindly summarise some of the latest updates…

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  6. Google Analytics Ask A Question - PPC hubbub (

    Ask Google Analytics A Question; “Is Google Killing The Analyst?”

    Now you can use the same technology that powers products such as Android and Search to ask Google Analytics for insight about your data, and…

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  7. PPC hubbub - Google EU Fine

    Google EU Fine – It’s More Than Just The Money

    Google has been fined $2.7/€2.42 billion by the EU for favouring it’s own comparison shopping service (Google Shopping) in the search results. This decision could…

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  8. PPC hubbub - Maximise Conversions

    Google Adds Maximise Conversions Automated Bid Strategy To Adwords

    From Google Marketing Next 2017, we know that machine learning and automation is going to be a key focus this year. This is why Google…

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  9. PPC hubbub - Bitesize hubbub

    Bitesize hubbub: Maximize Conversions, $1.17 Billion Fines by EU for Google

    Welcome to the latest ‘Bitesize hubbub’; small chunks of the latest Paid Search & SEM News, with a few top tips and actionable insight. Enjoy!…

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  10. PPC hubbub - Google Exam

    Flawed: The AdWords Certification Exams & Effective Text Ads

    EmailGot frustrated with the Google Search Advertising Exams? Author Sam Lalonde discusses his experience with the Search Advertising Exam and gives you advice on what…

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  11. PPC hubbub - In-Market Audiences for Search

    In-Market Audiences For Google Search Campaigns

    As we heard at the Google Marketing Next 2017, Google are looking to expand their In-Market Audiences to Search campaigns. Google In-Market Audiences enables advertisers…

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  12. PPC hubbub - Google Marketing Next 2017

    Google Marketing Next 2017 – The Highlights

    So there we have it, this year’s Google Marketing Next has come and gone for another year. As usual it’s left us with some insight…

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  13. PPC hubbub - Apple Search Ads To Launch In UK

    Apple Search Ads Launched In The UK, Australia and New Zealand

    That’s right, Apple Search Ads have launched in the United Kingdom. Apple will also be expanding this into 2 other English speaking markets; Australia and…

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  14. PPC hubbub - Happy Birthday - 1 Year On

    PPC hubbub – 1 Year On

    Yup, you’ve guessed it! It’s been 1 year since we launched PPC hubbub. Happy Birthday to us! What a year it’s been for PPC hubbub…

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  15. PPC hubbub ( - Adwords Quality Score Reporting

    More Quality Score Reporting Metrics in Adwords For Advertisers?

    A recent blog post on the Israel version of Inside Adwords blog by Google could have hinted at some changes to how we get access…

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  16. PPC hubbub ( - Bitesize hubbub

    Bitesize hubbub: Quality Score, In Store Visits, Expanded-Expanded Ads

    Welcome to this week’s ‘Bitesize hubbub’; small chunks of the latest Paid Search & SEM News, with a few top tips and takeaway insight. Bon…

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  17. PPC hubbub ( - Google Exact Match Changes

    Google Expanding Close Variant Matching For Exact Match

    Google have announced that they are changing the way that Exact Match keywords work. “Over the coming months we’re expanding close variant matching to include…

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  18. PPC hubbub - Price Extensions

    Price Extensions Appear In More Positions On Mobile

    From March 2017, Google Adwords Price Extensions are now available in more Ad Positions on Mobile. Price extensions are an ad extension that can be used…

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  19. PPC hubbub - Google Green Outline Ad Label

    Google Green Outlined Ad Label Rolled Out Globally

    Google has yet again rolled out another variation of their Ad Label across all Devices. This time, Google has decided on the Green Outlined Ad…

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  20. Bitesize hubbub -

    Bitesize hubbub: IF Functions, Bing, Adwords, Ad Extensions & More

    Welcome to this week’s ‘Bitesize hubbub’; small chunks of the latest Paid Search & SEM News, with a few top tips and takeaway insight. Bon…

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