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Amazon Testing Product Listing Ads

Amazon has been seen testing Product Listing Ads (Google Shopping) in the US.  Why are they doing this? Why is this bad news for other retailers? What can you do?…

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Google Rolls Out New Desktop Search Interface

Google have now rolled out a new look Search Interface (Search Engine Results Page, aka SERP) on Desktop which resembles their Mobile Search Interface. Why are they doing this? What…

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Click-to-Message Ads – A New Way To Talk To Customers

Click-to-Message Ads are a new way for advertisers to talk to customers on Google. Google has now brought this extension out of Beta for advertisers to use. But what are…

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Expanded Text Ads: Deadline Extended

Google have extended the forced transition date to Expanded Text Ads from October 26th 2016 to January 31st 2017. Why have they done this? What does this mean for you?…

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Strengthen Your Campaigns With Bing Ads Enhanced CPC (eCPC)

Bing Ads Enhanced CPC (also known as eCPC) has been launched; an opt-in setting where Bing Ads can optimise your campaigns for conversions. What does this mean for you? How…

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10 Minute Google Adwords Health Check

Frustrated by how time consuming it is to drive the best performance from your Paid Search campaigns? Confused about where to start looking to help drive efficiencies? Flabbergasted by the…

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Why Every PPC Manager Should Learn to Code SQL

Why should every PPC manager learn to code SQL? ‘PPC manager’ can be one of the most difficult and thankless tasks in Digital Marketing at times. You’re usually the largest…

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Google Showcase Shopping Ads Launched

In a string of new updates, Google has announced a new product listing ad format for called Showcase Shopping Ads. We explore what these are, why Google are giving advertisers…

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Customer Match for Shopping Ads

Google is expanding it’s availability of Customer Match beyond Search, Gmail, and YouTube. Google has now announced Customer Match for Shopping Ads, this will be rolled out later in the…

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Google Green Ad Label

It’s Official! The hubbub from Google & blogs tells us that the Google Ad label will now become Green, rather than the Yellow Ad label we have grown accustomed to.…

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Google Shopping Feed Specification 2016 Updates

Google have announced the latest round of Google Shopping Feed Specification updates for 2016. As we know, Google make changes each year to their feed specifications (see 2015’s updates here)…

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Bid Adjustments For Each Device Type

Google has looked into it’s past in order to preserve it’s future. At the Google Performance Summit 2016, they announced that we will now have separate bid adjustments ranging from…

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