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Bitesize hubbub: IF Functions, Bing, Adwords, Ad Extensions & More

Welcome to this week’s ‘Bitesize hubbub’; small chunks of the latest Paid Search & SEM News, with a few top tips and takeaway insight. Bon appetite! The hubbub this week:…

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Google Adwords IF Functions For Ads

Adwords IF Functions are now available for advertisers to help customise their ads based on device and retargeting lists. What are Adwords IF Functions? How do they work? What does…

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Bitesize hubbub: Ad Label Test, Expanded Text Ads, Automated Imports & More

Welcome to this week’s ‘Bitesize hubbub’; small weekly chunks of the latest Paid Search & SEM News, with a few top tips and takeaway insight. The hubbub this week: Bing…

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How To Quickly Audit Your PPC Account

Paid Search campaign management can be tricky business. To deliver stand out business performance from your PPC campaigns, you need to deliver on the basics whilst adapting and innovating your…

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Google Testing New Look Local Inventory Ads

Google is now testing Local Inventory Ads (LIA’s) in the place of it’s Local Pack on Mobile. As you will have seen through this week’s Bitesize hubbub, it was first…

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Bitesize hubbub: Voice Search, LIAs, Bing Ad Extensions & More

Welcome to our first instalment of ‘Bitesize hubbub’; small weekly chunks of the latest Paid Search & SEM News, with a few top tips and takeaway insight. So sit down,…

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Amazon Testing Product Listing Ads

Amazon has been seen testing Product Listing Ads (Google Shopping) in the US.  Why are they doing this? Why is this bad news for other retailers? What can you do?…

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Google Rolls Out New Desktop Search Interface

Google have now rolled out a new look Search Interface (Search Engine Results Page, aka SERP) on Desktop which resembles their Mobile Search Interface. Why are they doing this? What…

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Click-to-Message Ads – A New Way To Talk To Customers

Click-to-Message Ads are a new way for advertisers to talk to customers on Google. Google has now brought this extension out of Beta for advertisers to use. But what are…

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Expanded Text Ads: Deadline Extended

Google have extended the forced transition date to Expanded Text Ads from October 26th 2016 to January 31st 2017. Why have they done this? What does this mean for you?…

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Strengthen Your Campaigns With Bing Ads Enhanced CPC (eCPC)

Bing Ads Enhanced CPC (also known as eCPC) has been launched; an opt-in setting where Bing Ads can optimise your campaigns for conversions. What does this mean for you? How…

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10 Minute Google Adwords Health Check

Frustrated by how time consuming it is to drive the best performance from your Paid Search campaigns? Confused about where to start looking to help drive efficiencies? Flabbergasted by the…

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